Best Price Guarantee Policy
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Speed of Light 5000-5000

Unlimited use
Up to 5000Mbps download and upload
Call us to find out about installation fees

Ultra High-speed 1000-1000

Unlimited use
Up to 1000Mbps download and upload

High-speed 100-100

Unlimited use
Up to 100Mbps download and upload

High-speed 30-30

Unlimited use
Up to 30Mbps download and upload

High-speed 15-15

Unlimited use
Up to 15Mbps download and upload

High-speed 5-5

Unlimited use
Up to 5Mbps download and upload




  • Across the country
  • Caller display
  • Voicemail
  • Waiting call (2nd line)
  • And  much more!

Plus applicable taxes. Certain conditions apply : check with a TelKel agent.
Service available where technology permits. Prices may change without notice.