Who are we?

TelKel is a new telecommunications company, totally independent from the large well-known companies in the Province of Quebec. If you are looking for one of their dealers, you are in the wrong place.

The idea behind TelKel was to be able to offer competitive products and complete packages for less than $90 per month. Away with the $90 basic plan climbing to over $130 per month thereafter. Welcome to the all-inclusive package for less than $90 per month. That is the guiding principle on which we built TelKel and the services we are offering today.

In order to offer this to you today, a team of engineers and business people went to work. Well organized and after lots of hard work, TelKel is happy to be able to put on the table for you today, a simple offer which translates into an almost 50% discount when compared with competitors’ comparable products.

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What are we offering?

TelKel offers television, Internet and telephony at very competitive prices, starting at $43.00/month.

For that price, you get unlimited Internet, unlimited calling across the country, as well as all options, and television.

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